What Book Should You Pair With Your Favorite Girl Scout Cookie?

Here’s something a little different to sweeten up your reading these days… the ultimate guide to Girl Scout Cookie and book pairing! Find your favorite cookie below for a new read!

Do-si-dos: Frederik Backman’s A Man Called Ove will be perfect for fans of these peanut butter sandwich cookies. Hard and crunchy on the outside with a genuine and creamy center, these cookies and Backman’s Ove have a lot in common. Be sure to grab a plate of these oatmeal-y cookies and a glass of milk as you nestle up with this lovable novel that will truly make you laugh and cry and everything in between.

Tagalongs: You like your books how you like your cookies: rich and luxurious. If you’re a fan of these peanut-buttery pleasures, check out The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern for some deliciously descriptive prose with a steampunk, Victorian noir flair.

Thin Mints: Five words: Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine. Gail Honeyman’s quirky titular character will have you turning pages nonstop just like the clean mint of these cookies has you constantly reaching back to the box. You’ll be hooked from your first bite of this beautifully blunt novel, you’ll learn about yourself as you read, and you’re bound to hit the back cover feeling refreshed.

Trefoils: Savor The Leavers by Lisa Ko the way you savor these buttery cookies! You’ll love following Deming Guo’s journey to the very last page, and you’ll find yourself thinking about him, Polly, and their endeavors once you’ve finished. This book will leave you wanting more in the best way, just like some stellar shortbread!

Samoas: If you’re looking to delve into a historical fiction tour de force, look no further. Check out Kristin Hannah’s The Nightingale for a narrative as addictive and intricately layered as these caramel-y, coconut-y concoctions. Whether you’re more Vianne or more Isabel, you’ll be so engrossed in this novel that you’ll only put it down to grab some more of these sweet Caramel deLites.

Toffee-tastic: You like an indulgent cookie with even a bit more luxury to it, so why shouldn’t you want the same in your reading? Crystals of luxury, of magic, and of mystery can be found in The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson. Be forewarned: this book is not all sweetness all the time like your preferred cookie may be, but rather a perfect foil. The intrigue of this work and the confection of the cookie will pair beautifully.

S’mores: As s’mores are THE classic dessert, it is only fitting that this pairing should be just that– a classic! If there’s one book from today’s fiction spectrum that will eventually be considered a ‘classic’, it’s Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng. The Author of Everything I Never Told You, Ng is a true master of language and narrative, introducing myriad plot and character points while maintaining perfect harmony and cohesion in her novels. This, in the opinion of us here at Treat Yo Shelf, is the classic novel and author of the 2010s, and is sure to be a satisfying treat to you, the lover of all things timeless.

Lemonades: For a tangy treat like these Lemonades, check out the devilishly dystopian The Circle by Dave Eggers. Inspiring oodles of self-reflection, Eggers’s narrative will rope you in and inundate you with the fast-paced, eerily familiar lifestyle that’s become commonplace at The Circle. Perfect for the reader who likes her books like she likes her cookies (and perhaps her drinks!)– with a twist!

Well now that you’ve got your sweets and a new book to try, we wish you a wonderful cup of tea, mug of coffee, or glass of wine to complement them, and happy reading!

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