Something in the Water — Catherine Steadman

Read Date: January 9, 2019
Rating: 4/5
Format: Print Book

Documentary filmmaker Erin and her investment banker husband Mark depart on the honeymoon of a lifetime, not knowing what twisted and disturbing discoveries would await them in the otherwise dreamy South Pacific.

Erin is embarking on the most long-awaited project of her career: she is finally creating a feature-length documentary following three prisoners from the time they are about to be released from captivity through their transition back into daily society. Just as the funding and production necessities fall into place, her dashing fiance loses his lucrative job that was keeping the couple afloat. Mark faces a crisis: there’s nothing else he wants to or is qualified to do, so what do the two do now? After persuasion and sacrifices, the couple decide to carry out their beautiful wedding and still spend what time they can on a romantic honeymoon in Bora Bora.

But what lies before them on a diving trip in the Pacific will reveal facets of Erin and Mark’s characters that they’d otherwise not known. When they rescue an unmarked, padlocked duffel bag floating amid the ocean, the couple begins to face a series of impossible decisions, beginning with: do they open the bag?


After discovering the bag’s contents, Erin and Mark are faced with yet another choice: what do we do with the millions of dollars of diamonds contained within? At a time when they are incredibly strapped for cash, how bad would it really be if they kept this money? Between grappling with these dilemmas, the couple also attempts to piece together the mystery of how the bag landed in the middle of the ocean; along the way they learn of Russian conspiracies, front companies for other entities that house millions of dollars, and what is most likely dangerous, corrupt international trading.

Interspersed with this story-line is the equally compelling tale of Erin’s continued work on her documentary. The reader meets each of the prisoners and learns of their convictions and sentences and plans for the future. Most notorious of these criminals is Eddie Bishop, an elusive gangster who is a practiced money launderer and murderer to boot. Erin finds herself soliciting Eddie’s help in arranging deals with her newfound life of criminal activity dealing with diamonds, money, false identities and more.


Erin and Mark negotiate tricky situations and life-changing decisions in this absolutely captivating psychological thriller. The weight of these predicaments and the toll they take on the main characters is evident; the reader will passionately invest in how the otherwise very ordinary couple maneuvers such extraordinary situations. The only ultimate disappointment– and I use the term very lightly, as overall this book was a delight and I loved it– is that there seems to be a common thread among thriller authors these days wherein everyone feels obligated to toss in a Gone Girl-esque twist at the end, which, in my opinion, isn’t always necessary. It in no way detracted from the enjoyment I received in reading the rest of the novel, but it seemed a little superfluous here. Steadman has created a thoroughly bewitching novel, and I look forward to reading more of her in the future.

Something in the Water is available here or, as always, at your local library! Happy Reading!

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