Into the Water — Paula Hawkins

Read Date: April 3, 2019
Rating: 3.5/5
Format: E-book

At the outset of Into the Water, the ubiquitous “Drowning Pool” has claimed another victim. Single mom Danielle Abbott has been discovered drowned, which prompts talks of two other of the river’s recent casualties: Katie Whittaker, best friend of Nel Abbott’s daughter Lena; and Lauren Townsend, mother of Detective Inspector Sean Townsend. Told through rotating perspectives of the relatives of the deceased and local law enforcement, it becomes increasingly evident just how muddled and interwoven a web the deaths really are.

Are they connected? Is there something in this town plunging young women into depression?Hawkins follows the mystery’s trail in interesting detail from beginning to end, throwing focus and suspicion all through to the inevitable big reveal.

In the current literary climate in which mystery/thriller/suspense novels are hitting shelves left and right, one has to be really special to stand out. I credit Hawkins in the ranks of Ruth Ware of Gillian Flynn, having shown a real penchant for the genre with The Girl on the Train, but Into the Water didn’t grip me as effectively as I had anticipated. The seminal chapters are incredibly engaging, but shortly thereafter it starts to drag a bit, revving back up in part two.

This is a perfectly satisfactory novel with an interesting and unexpected ending; while I do prefer The Girl on the Train to this, I will certainly still read Hawkins again.

Buy Into the Water here! Happy reading!

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