What Book Should You Pair With Your Morning Coffee?

Hello, all!

A little over a year ago, I tried a new kind of post on the page, and was quite pleased with its success! SO. Taking a cue from What Book Should You Pair With Your Favorite Girl Scout Cookie, I now present another ultimate guide to energize your summer reading! Pick a java below to find a new read!

Black Coffee: Coffee, to you, is as much a physical necessity as an enjoyable beverage, so you should grab a book that’s equally energizing. Set in Trinidad, Claire Adam’s Golden Child is a gripping story of love, familial struggle, and the gravity of choice. Brew yourself a fresh French Press and settle in with Golden Child, because once you start, you won’t want to put it down.

Espresso: When All Is Said by Anne Griffin. At first glance, this may seem counter-intuitive to your ever-on-the-go, perpetually caffeinated self, but your java jolt will propel you into a reading marathon; each chapter here presents a new, touching facet of reality that will move you to drink a toast or two of your own.

Cappuccino: Sophisticated, classy, and romantic. As you curl up with your cap, revisit a classic like Little Women and relive the March sisters’ timeless adventures. Maybe the first time you read Little Women you were a Jo and now you’re a total Meg, so take a warm, foamy sip and dive in! Added bonus: you can brush up before Greta Gerwig’s adaptation comes out later this year!

Frappuccino: For something as flavorful and eyeopening as a sweet, blended frap, check out Maybe In Another Life by Taylor Jenkins Reid. Reading this novel is like sitting down and listening to your friend Hannah tell you what’s been going on in her life, so you might as well do it over a frappuccino!

Latte: For something as satisfying and charged as a latte, turn your attention to Where the Crawdads Sing. With Crawdads, you’re guaranteed not only an entirely gripping narrative, but equally lyrical and enchanting writing. Your latte will keep you powered through the day, and Delia Owens’s masterpiece will certainly keep you captivated!

Iced Coffee: Complement your caffeine haul with Sleep No More: Six Murderous Tales by P.D. James. A compilation of short stories, you’ll be able to read them all in one sitting or to squeeze one in between all the stops along your busy day. Whether you chug through it or savor it over time, these twisty tales will stick with you for a while.

Tea: You are the Queen of Cozy, so who is more fitting than HRH the Queen of Mystery, Agatha Christie?! Whether you take your tea with milk or without, it’ll pair perfectly with a quirky little Belgian detective. Grab Murder on the Orient Express or The Murder of Roger Ackroyd and some fluffy socks to complement your delightful Darjeeling or your ethereal Earl Grey.

Now that you’ve got some brews and books paired together, I hope you pour a nice steamy cup and enjoy your reading! 🙂

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