50th Post Giveaway!

Well, readers, this is my 50TH POST! I cannot believe it! I know that number seems negligible compared to some of the *amazing* things that fellow book bloggers, bookstragrammers, and book Twitter folks are accomplishing, but we are all creating and forming the community, and, hey, they all had to pass this milestone to get where they are now, too! And I think that’s just lovely. We all have to start somewhere!

This little blog has had a few different forms over the last 50 posts. It started off as Treat Yo Shelf, which posted very brief reviews. Over time, those reviews became longer and more in-depth, they were mingled with other blog posts, Treat Yo Shelf became Maggie B Reads, and it moved over here to maggie-b-reads.com! It has been a whirlwind.

My first post back in February of 2018. Yes, I did just copy a review I’d already written on Goodreads eight months earlier. Look how far I’ve come!

As everyone in the blogosphere knows, it can sometimes be challenging to keep up with regular posts and reviews amidst all the chaos of daily life and work and everything in between, so I’m thankful for everyone who has ever stopped by and found something they enjoyed, everyone who’s left an encouraging word, everyone who has been here from the beginning, and everyone who’s here for the first time! It reminds me that reading is a joyful thing and blogging is a great way to share in that joy and community with others. Thanks!

So, enough rambling. As I discreetly implied in my very subtle title, to celebrate 50 posts, I am doing a giveaway! The winner will receive one book of their choosing from Book Depository up to a $20 (USD) value… and maybe a surprise little something else 🙂

And now, the rules! Each of these counts as one entry:

  • Like and share my Instagram giveaway post!
  • Follow me on Twitter (@maggieb_reads)
  • Follow me on Instagram (@maggieb.reads)
  • Comment below with one of your favorite book bloggers!

As is canon in our giveaway world, please don’t follow/unfollow. For an extra entry, tag a friend in the aforementioned Instagram post. The contest is US only and will end this Friday, August 16th at 12:00 noon Eastern time. Good luck to all, and thank you so much for being part of Maggie B Reads! ❤


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