The Flatshare — Beth O’Leary

The Flatshare, Beth O’Leary
(costumes from my last musical in the background)
Read Date: August 10, 2019
Rating: 4/5
Format: Print book

Tiffy and Leon share a bed. Tiffy and Leon have never met...

After a brutal breakup, Tiffany Moore is in dire need of an apartment. I mean, she can’t keep living with her ex while he brings his new girlfriend around, now can she? When she stumbles upon an advertisement for a strange living situation, she’s intrigued… Eventually pursuing the ad, Tiffy soon shares a flat with a night nurse who only needs the space during the day, and she lives there at night and on weekends. Unconventional? Yes. A setup for a possible romance? Also yes.

Hopefully no one is *too* aggrieved by that spoiler, as it is one of the more obvious conclusions one can draw from a setup like this, but the generally predictable nature of this genre and plot in no way detracts from how enjoyable and quirky the story really is. Tiffy and Leon both hold interesting and complicated lives outside of their odd living arrangement, and readers will love watching these two live their own crazy lives and traveling along with them as their paths start to intertwine. O’Leary’s characters are very endearing, a trope of the genre, but the reader’s investment in Tiffy and Leon comes from their experiences with very real and challenging trials as well, namely the present threat of abusive relationships, the efficacy of the justice system, and PTSD. These elements really give The Flatshare an added element of sincerity, genuineness, and reality.

Chances are, if you’re picking up The Flatshare you know exactly what kind of denouement you’d like to see at the novel’s end, and you will neither be disappointed with the resolution nor with the journey there. The novel is light and enjoyable with a heartwarming point of arrival and endearing characters and writing that will leave readers grinning from ear to ear.

Find The Flatshare here or at your local library!

Happy reading! Xx.

2 responses to “The Flatshare — Beth O’Leary”

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