The Turn of the Key — Ruth Ware

  • Read Date: September 17, 2019
  • Rating: 4/5
  • Format: Print Book — Book of the Month Edition

When Perfect Nanny Rowan Caine stumbles upon a residential position caring for four girls with an outrageously generous salary, she is *very* interested. She knows that this family has gone through four nannies in a very short amount of time, but surely there’s an explanation, and she, Rowan, was older and more experienced than those other girls, so surely she’d have nothing to worry about! And yet…

Architect couple Bill and Sandra Elincourt live in a grand Victorian mansion in Scotland that has been updated with all the latest technological fixin’s, both the necessary and the unnecessary. After accepting the Elincourt position, Rowan discovers that Bill and Sandra are immediately called away for business, leaving her alone in this strange new home with a new set of charges to look after. As she gets to know the other staff, stories of the house’s perplexing history arise, and she begins witnessing some unsettling things…. things only she is experiencing.

Chilling and captivating from the very first sentence, The Turn of the Key is an auspicious retelling of the Henry James classic The Turn of the Screw. Ware has intelligently and creepily (in the good way!) injected so many 21st century technological norms into the narrative and very effectively manipulated them to emphasize the maximum creepiness of Heatherbrae House and Rowan’s ominous experiences. Twists and turns abound through to the very last page, and every cliffhanger and tactfully divulged piece of new information will keep readers hooked throughout!

Find The Turn of the Key here or at your local library, and leave your thoughts below! Happy reading!


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