Top Ten Tuesday: Character Traits I Love

Top Ten Tuesday: Character Traits I Love

This week’s TTT from That Artsy Reader Girl is on character traits I love! As I sat down to think about this, I realized that many of the traits I love in characters tend to be traits I look for the in the people with whom I surround myself! Of course, there are always a few outlying traits that just spice up a novel as well… 🙂

Unapologetic Personality

The most likable character that I recently encountered was Juliet Ashton in The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. She confidently presented her most genuine self and did not shy away from her feelings or beliefs in any way. She bordered on proud, but not at the risk of making the right decisions for herself and her career, and I found myself immensely enjoying the novel more than I thought I would, largely due to the strength of character and resolve of the leading lady.


I love ambition because it’s a double-edged sword, and I love seeing the dichotomy of “good ambition” and “bad ambition” (I use the terms ‘good’ and ‘bad’ both generally and loosely), especially when portrayed side by side. A perfect, while obvious, example is Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort. The personified ambition of achievement and greatness versus power for power’s sake creates such a fascinating and high-stakes game for readers to participate in.

Self-Awareness and Self-Respect

When I find myself not liking a character and I try to sit and think of why, it’s usually because I’m not able to empathize and/or sympathize with them, and *that* is usually because the character tends to lack self-awareness or self-respect and gets him- or herself into situations that would be completely avoidable. An example– and I know this is an unpopular one– is almost everyone in The Great Alone. Almost all of those characters knowingly made poor decisions, and I therefore really struggled feeling any sympathy for their situations.

So, I know this is a short list, but these are really the big three for me! Let me know below what character traits you love to read.

Thanks for stopping by, and happy reading!


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