Rebecca — Daphne DuMaurier

  • Read Date: December 8, 2019
  • Rating: 5/5
  • Format: Print book/Audiobook

With an infamous first line to rival Pride and Prejudice or Moby Dick, Rebecca is a gothic tale of mystery, romance, suspense, and elegance. Rebecca‘s unnamed heroine is swept up in a whirlwind romance with the refined and handsome Maxim de Winter, eventually leaving her ‘old’ life behind, marrying him, and moving into his reputable estate, Manderley. While at Manderley, she finds herself more and more to be living under the imposing shadow of the Maxim’s late first wife, Rebecca. Our narrator’s experiences at Manderley and with the regular cast of visitors form her into a more mature woman. After beginning the novel in the peak of naivete, the narrator comes into her own as the lady of the estate and the wife of a prominent gentleman, but she certainly doesn’t get there via the path more traveled…

The two major strengths of this book lie in its pacing and its language. The prose is absolutely bewitching, and as soon as I began to feel the narrator’s constant lamentation over how much Maxim had loved Rebecca, how she would never be able to live up to Rebecca’s legacy, etc. starting to get repetitive, the *world’s largest plot twist* occurred. Now, I’m late to the game on this one and I am confident many of you have read Rebecca, so if you have there will be no question of the plot twist to which I refer. This pivotal moment completely captivated me, and I ultimately devoured the last third of the book.

The newness of the aforementioned MAJOR detail being revealed made me look back on the rest of the novel with a new respect and appreciation. This wild development would not have possibly gone off so shockingly or successfully without being bolstered by every single word that came before it. I’m still haunted by the beautiful, evocative text and the incredibly gripping journey from page one to the end.

If you like a classic, gothic novel and have not yet read Rebecca, I strongly support making it your next! If you need a gift for your mom, give her Rebecca! If your book club needs a selection for January, look for Rebecca! Find it here or at your local library, and, as always, happy reading!


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