2020 Reading Goals

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! *clinks champagne glass*

I’m so excited for a fresh start with new goals and challenges (the good kind, that is!) and energy! I try every year to shape intelligent reading goals that are informed by my success and difficulty with my challenges/goals from the year before, so after considering the busyness of my job, any extra performing I want to do, and the amount of time I’ll realistically have for reading, I’ve set the following goals!

Goodreads Challenge

For my Goodreads Reading Challenge, I’m going to keep my number at 78. It was really tricky for me to meet that in 2019, but I made it, and it felt kind of energizing to have a goal that wasn’t just a walk in the park. *An example: in 2017 my goal was 40 books and I read 79, and in 2018 my goal was 52 books and I read 134!!!* 2019 was my busiest year to date and I anticipate much of the same level of busyness in 2020, so I’m hoping for a book and a half a week again.

Reading Resolutions

I have two main New Years Resolutions this year that are specifically focused on reading, and they sort of go hand in hand. The big resolution is that I want to start actually reading the books on the very beginning of my Goodreads TBR list! Lots of books have been sitting untouched on that list since 2012, so I figured it’s time I finally got around to them.

The second resolution is really a means to make the first one happen: in 2020 I will be using a TBR jar! I’ve written the names of the first fifty or so books on my Goodreads list onto little slips of paper that now live in a mason jar on my nightstand, and I’ll be drawing from there to start reading some of those early titles!


Now I know this is a humble post with only three main points on it, but it gives me somewhere to go and I think they’re pretty attainable! Do you have any reading resolutions or goals for the coming year? Leave your thoughts below!


One response to “2020 Reading Goals”

  1. 78 is a great reading goal – I’ve kept mine to 52. I would love to read more but life doesn’t always give me enough time đŸ˜€


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