Northanger Abbey — Jane Austen

  • Read Date: January 8, 2020
  • Rating: 5/5
  • Format: E-Book

Northanger Abbey follows a much more run-of-the-mill heroine than the bulk of Austen’s other novels, and herein lies the foundation on which the rest of the novel’s strength is shaped.

Catherine Morland is, through and through, a teenage girl. She is silly and naive and only making her first foray into society on the wings of her kindly, very wealthy neighbors who invite her to vacation with them in Bath. Through her time in Bath she takes her first steps into love and friendship and ultimately visits the inimitable Northanger Abbey, where her head is filled with stories and daydreams– and nightmares!– of something strange afoot at the estate….

This novel is an absolute delight. It’s infused with self-deprecating and self-referential humor, poking very much fun at the prominent tropes of Gothic literature, as well as the general Victorian outlook on novels in general. Austen’s characters are incredibly relatable, her writing is loquaciously brief (yeah, I said it!!!), and good nature and joy are evident on every page. Northanger Abbey is a quick, very enjoyable read that’s both a perfect entry point for someone just delving into classics as well as a satisfying treat for Gothic literature gurus.

If you’ve read and loved or hated Northanger Abbey, leave your thoughts below!

Get Northanger Abbey here or at your local library, and happy reading 🙂


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