Conversations with Friends — Sally Rooney

  • Read date: May 25, 2020
  • Rating: 4/5
  • Format: E-book

Another visceral, challenging read from Sally Rooney, Conversations with Friends is the story of Frances, a seemingly unemotional English student and her best friend and poetry performance partner Bobbi, and the duo’s entangled relationship with an older couple of other Dublin creatives.

Rooney, again, has crafted a masterful story that digs into the grittiest and most challenging parts of humanity without romanticizing. Those who read my thoughts on Normal People will know that I am so moved and affected by Rooney’s ability to craft stories that reveal to the reader our innermost desires and insecurities. I have *such* admiration of Rooney’s ability to perfectly capture the struggles and navigations of people our own age without tinting characters as whiney, lazy, or any of the snowflakey misnomers millennials tend to gain in the public eye.

Conversations with Friends explores themes that range from self-expression to self-harm to politics to emotional investment and beyond, even touching on– and raising awareness of, in my opinion– a significant health condition that affects MANY women. (But no spoilers!)

As with Normal People, I highly, highly recommend Conversations with Friends, but I encourage readers to keep an open mind. Do not define these characters by parameters that bring you, personally, comfort. Don’t disregard a character simply because you disagree. Essentially, keep an open mind. I know we tend to, but I also know that certain characters and their decisions aggravated me SO MUCH at times during this piece that I had to remind myself that these are Bobbi and Frances’s lives, not my own! Ultimately, I could not relate to a single character in this novel, but this glimpse into an entirely different mindset was addicting to me, and I will miss these characters so dearly.

Find Conversations with Friends here, and if you can’t get to your local library due to the pandemic right now, see if you can grab it on Libby!

As always, happy reading!


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