Would You Rather [BOOK TAG]

Well it’s been quite a while since I’ve done a book tag, but I’m really excited to be back with this one! The Would You Rather tag rules are simple: answer the questions, then tag others and make up your own questions for them! I was kindly tagged by Bellerose Reads, so head over to her page for her answers and some other quality bookish content!

Now, let’s get started 🙂

1. Would you rather read only ebooks or listen to audiobooks for the rest of your life?

E-books! I like audiobooks but I do sometimes find my attention wandering when I listen…. and I also read some suspense/mystery things that sometimes have less surprising endings when you hear a character/narrators voice change.

2. Would you rather be forced to read only a genre you don’t like for a whole year, or read books in your favorite genre but dislike them all?

Ooh…. the latter. I think if I had to read things from genres I don’t like I’d just end up procrastinating and… not reading them?

3. Would you rather only read during the day or during the night?

DAY. I love reading at night but I fall asleep soooo fast! Daytime reading for me, please!

4. Would you rather have your favorite character come to life, or get to visit one fictional world you love?

I’d rather visit the world, and it would 100% be Narnia!

5. Would you rather write books for a living or decide which books you read get published?

Decide which ones get published! I love writing, but I think I max out around short story length. Writing a whole novel is WAY too intimidating for me!

6. Would you rather be a character in your favorite series but get killed in the middle of the book, or be the author of your favorite book and change the things you dislike from it?

This one is tough! I think I’d choose the first option. There’s something to me about accepting literature where it’s at — we’re always going to find things about books, music, performances, etc. in hindsight that we would like to change, but that’s just part of creating art, I think! For me the goal of reading isn’t for perfection, but to feel something. It’s possible I may not like some element of a story, but it may still be really effective overall!

7. Would you rather marry your fictional crush or be the queen of your favorite fictional world?

Queen of Narnia. Easily.

8. Would you rather be the most iconic villain or the most iconic hero of a book?

Dang, this is a hard one, too! I think my inner enneagram 2 is telling me that I’d rather be the hero 🙂

9. Would you rather have all the books in the world at your disposition for free or live inside your favorite book?

ALL THE BOOKS (Hyperbole and a Half style)

10. Would you rather be a famous booktuber or a famous writer?

Hmm…. writer, I think, though I can’t explain why!

This was SO fun! Some were easier than others, for sure, but I really enjoyed sitting down with these questions! Thanks, Bellerose Reads!

My questions:

  1. Would you rather be the best friend/sidekick to one of your favorite protagonists, or be one of three points of a literary love triangle?
  2. Would you rather be limited to only reading three books a year, or read unlimited books but only like three of them?
  3. Would you rather read only series or standalones forever?
  4. Would you rather dog-ear or underline?
  5. Would you rather have coffee/tea with your favorite author or favorite character?
  6. Would you rather only read romances or suspense novels for two years?
  7. Would you rather have to get rid of an old book every time you buy a new one, or have every book you touch multiply into three books?
  8. Would you rather have a damaged book delivered to you every time or the wrong book to be delivered to you every time (the second or third time you may get the right one)?
  9. Would you rather be a librarian or a bookseller?
  10. Would you rather be the only person secretly reading in a world where books aren’t allowed or be banned from reading in a world where everyone else constantly is?

I tag:

Vee, Vee Reading

Ash, For the Love of Books Blog

Emer, A Little Haze Book Blog

Laurel, The Suspected Bibliophile

Jenny, Jenny’s Review Blog

I hope you all had fun reading this! How would you answer?

5 responses to “Would You Rather [BOOK TAG]”

  1. Oooh this is such a fun tag! Who wouldn’t want to be queen of narnia!!!


  2. Loved all your answers! It seems like you love Narnia very much haha😅 and I think I’d rather be the villain of the story because they’re usually more complex and badass!


    1. Oooh, that is a VERY good point about the villains! And yes I think it’s partially that I love Narnia and partially that I don’t read a ton of other fantasy, so my options of fictional worlds were limited ha ha


  3. ooh definitely agree with you on that first one– it’s so difficult to stay focused while listening to audiobooks!


  4. I agree with the first one, I have to keep replaying parts because I wasn’t paying attention


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