The Guest List — Lucy Foley [REVIEW]

Read Date: July 26, 2020 ~ Rating: 4/5 ~ Format: Print Book

Holy. Thriller. Batman.

Well-paced, gripping, full to the brim with timeless tropes of luxury, boyish tomfoolery, intense relationships, and secrets, secrets, secrets is Lucy Foley’s The Guest List.

Self-made digital magazine mogul Jules will have the best of everything at her Irish island getaway wedding — even an incredibly unique and borderline macabre getaway in and of itself. Coupled with a charming, wilderness-venturing, TV personality fiancé, his boyhood private school companions, and all the luxury this glamorous couple can muster, this weekend will certainly be one these guests won’t soon forget.

Of course, this night will linger with them for very different reasons.

Foley masterfully reveals each detail in such deliberate and tantalizing succession, seducing the reader to the novel’s last pages and beyond; this is one you’ll want to sit with for a bit! The author executes her distinct voice which is delightfully amended by some mild 2020 Agatha Christie undertones to create a haunting atmosphere, playing tricks on one’s mind and rewarding the calculating reader’s attention.

A tale of mysteriously and fabulously intertwined individuals, The Guest List is a quick read; if you’re someone like me who tends to read more mysteries and thrillers in the summer, read this next! It’s enjoyable to boot and well worth its recent attention!

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Look for The Guest List here or at your local library, or check out IndieBound to find an independent bookstore near you.

Thanks for stopping by and, as always, happy reading!


2 responses to “The Guest List — Lucy Foley [REVIEW]”

  1. Sounds amazing! I need to get started on thrillers. Ive been lacking books in that department.Great review!


  2. […] it seemed like people weren’t loving, but I will say I did see a lot of mixed reviews for The Guest List by Lucy Foley. I remember some rumblings around bookstagram that it was kind of […]


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