All Your Little Lies — Marianne Holmes [ARC REVIEW]

  • Read Date: September 5, 2020
  • Rating: 3.5/5
  • Format: E-book

I received a free advanced reader copy of All Your Little Lies from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review!

Pick your favorite suspense/thriller trope, and you just might find it in All Your Little Lies. Note: I say this with love! We’ve got an unreliable narrator, we’ve got misdirection, we’ve got some good-guy-or-are-they cops, and most of all, like everyone’s favorite swamp-dwelling ogre, we’ve got layers.

Annie is a well-meaning yet awkward individual who lives a solitary life, keeping her head down, getting her job done, and trying not to ruffle feathers. When she becomes inadvertently mingled in a local missing persons case, she’s faced with the opportunity for redemption for her past shortcomings, but she also risks her true identity being revealed…

I struggle sometimes to review mysteries because it’s so easy to prematurely tint a reader’s perception of what’s important to the story, so forgive me for not including too much plot information. Instead, I will give you a low and a high!

Low: The story was, for my taste, just a little bit slow. The general outcome was a bit easy to deduce early on, and its unraveling seemed to drag a bit. While certain of Annie’s missteps make perfect sense for her character, I found my mind wandering at times, and an excerpt here or there felt a bit repetitive.

High: Annie! Our main character is very well-developed. At first, she’s so cringeworthy it’s almost tough to bear the secondhand embarrassment, but as the story develops and we learn more about her past, we come to understand her social awkwardness as a result of early childhood trauma and years of isolation and repression. Holmes expertly weaves these factors into play, depicting a conflicted protagonist who just wants to do the right thing but whose execution leaves a little to be desired.

Clocking in at 3.5 stars, All Your Little Lies is an interesting story with a protagonist that you really want to root for — sometimes to your own surprise! A suitable recommendation for fans of Lisa Jewell or Liv Constantine.

All Your Little Lies hits shelves October 22nd, so look for it at your local bookstore or library, and happy reading!


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