Anxious People — Fredrik Backman [REVIEW]

  • Read date: October 23, 2020
  • Rating: 5/5
  • Format: Hardcover (BOTM Edition)

Oh, he’s done it again.

My first Backman was A Man Called Ove, which, admittedly, I was lukewarm about, but I kept reading a few more of his books. After Beartown, he absolutely became an auto-buy for me. And, of course, Anxious People is another unequivocally enjoyable and topical masterwork.

Anxious People is a story of a bank robbery (or is it?), a hostage situation (or are they?), and the connection that only people with that kind of shared experience can form.

If you are an adult, know an adult, have been an adult for a while, or will soon become an adult, you should read this book. Backman expertly cracks open countless facets of humanity, vulnerability, friendship, anxiety, family institutions, and everything in between in a moving and gripping tale of life and how it can sometimes go awry despite all our best intentions and efforts.

The charms of Anxious People are many: it’s chock full of many characters, and, true to Backman’s classic form, each individual is so distinct and genuine whose actions and interactions are incredibly relatable, each in their own way. Backman’s recognition and incorporation of the insecurities and anxieties adult face everyday is effortless and colloquial; the reader feels comfortable and recognized and, therefore, invested.

Find Anxious People here, at your local library, or through an indie bookstore in your area!

2 responses to “Anxious People — Fredrik Backman [REVIEW]”

  1. […] ANXIOUS PEOPLE! I am coming to completely adore Fredrik Backman, even when he makes me feel and think about things that are uncomfortable to feel and think about (or perhaps especially then?). He’s got such a crazy skill for articulating the really important things in life, and I genuinely believe people become more emotionally intelligent and socially aware by reading his books. (Pssst: I discuss this quite a bit in my review of Beartown, too! […]


  2. […] Anxious People by Fredrik Backman […]


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