Much Ado About You — Samantha Young [REVIEW]

  • Read date: November 3rd, 2021
  • Rating: 1.5/5
  • Format: E-book

Hi, gang! It’s been a minute!

Let me begin this review by catching you up on two big goals I made in the beginning of the year:

  1. To actually read my Book of the Month books in the month that I buy them
  2. To read one author for every letter of the alphabet (related: if you have recommendations for X, send them my way!)

Both of these have been going swimmingly so far, and for the letter Y, I chose Much Ado About You by author Samantha Young. And let me tell you: that second goal is the only reason I finished this book.

Now, I have no qualms with the easy reading nature of many modern romance novels, but this one just took it to a new level.

The story of a Chicago publishing professional who leaves her lonely life in the midwest to run an independent bookstore in an idyllic small town in northern England. Full of potential!

And now drops the shoe.

*insert obligatory “just because I didn’t like this book doesn’t mean it’s bad, nor does it mean you won’t like it” disclaimer here*

This book had almost no conflict driving the main romance angle. We get our classic meet cute with the town hottie, but it just goes from zero to 100 with no drama, no build, and nothing rational really keeping them apart. But then, we have plenty of small side-conflicts that the Alnster townies have been dealing with for years but just so happen to all be solved by our main character! Notoriously feuding families? Fixed. Overbearing, abusive home life? Rescued. I could go on, but… spoilers.

I am certainly not reading contemporary romance for the ultra-realistic portrayals of romance, small town life, or community relationships, but this one is simply frivolous. The characters were entirely one-dimensional and very challenging to invest in, and the book on the whole was just flat, and we hardly got any time in the bookstore!

Overall, Much Ado About You just proved boring and full of unmet potential — BUT, I am one letter closer to finishing my alphabet challenge.

Sorry to relaunch the blog on a total Scrooge McDuck moment, but I guess that just means I’m on the hook to share some more positivity soon, too! Thanks for stopping by, and happy reading 🙂


3 responses to “Much Ado About You — Samantha Young [REVIEW]”

  1. Lol, the only one I could think of for “X.” Maybe he wrote other things? If anything, this would be a fascinating historical document. If you pick it, lmk, and I’ll read it, too!

    Side note, BIG rec to do “Z” with Zora Neale Hurston.

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  2. Love your blog. You have more energy than I.


  3. […] I realllllly did not like this book, but instead of talking about it more here, you can just read about it in my review here! […]


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